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Baltic States IV

Pure joy for Mike today!   We’re off to meet with 2 of the winemakers he had emailed long before our trip began. Both their vineyards  were near Kandava, Latvia. Kaspars Sunins 16+ year old  vineyard (his wife the wine maker) … Continue reading

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Baltic States III

Riga, Latvia Today we were leaving Vilnius, Lithuania and we had loved it! But just one more castle first. Mike was not happy and yelled “Where’s the &%$# wine cellar????”.  This was a 13th century defense castle…but that didn’t matter to … Continue reading

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The only way to our Hotel Atrium was driving through one of the oldest pedestrian passages in Vilnius.  No disturbed reaction from the crowds-they moved slowly aside-and I drove very carefully. Che… Source: THE BALTIC STATES Part II

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The Baltic States

The Baltic States:  hemmed in by Russia and Poland, finally achieved Independence in 1991.   The 3 individual  States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania had been overrun by foreign Invaders  since the 2nd century B C.   In Riga this … Continue reading

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